Alternative Engineered Fuel

Blending Zero Waste goals with outstanding service for a product called Shredded Heat™.

What is Shredded Heat™

Your waste stops being a waste if it is accepted into our Engineered Fuel program. Your waste is considered a Non-Hazardous Secondary Material (NHSM) per 40 CFR 241 and is a product in our fuel blend.

Your NHSM is screened, sorted, blended, and shredded into a product called Shredded Heat.

Shredded Heat is an Alternative Engineered Fuel used by cement kilns to offset the use of natural resources like coal and natural gas. Typical NHSM materials are non-halogenated plastics, off-spec or expired consumer products, and general plant trash/debris.

A Cleaner Fuel for Cement Kilns

Our process results in zero ash. Cement kilns are unique in their process of emissions control as 70% to 75% of the raw material to make cement is limestone. This limestone continues in process and is encapsulated in the cement, which means no ash on the back end, whereas typical Waste-to-Energy facilities have 20-25% ash destined for landfill.

Our process results in reduced emissions. Kiln temperatures are hotter than Waste-to-Energy facilities. With high combustion temperatures, long residence time, and a natural scrubber in limestone, cement kilns burn at a 99.99% DRE (destruction ratio efficiency) of contaminants.

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